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two tears in a bucket, motherfuck it.

allison phallison
19 November 1987
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the world is my oyster, and dolly parton is my spirit guide

I have a strong affection for classic literature and heavy fucking metal.
666, acoustic, alcohol, alt country, alternative rock, america, americana, anarcho punk, animals wearing clothes, anti-folk, antiques, art, atlanta, bacon, bad tattoos, bakersfield sound, barbecue, barcaloungers, beards, bears, beat generation, beer, being white, black metal, bluegrass, blues, boiled peanuts, boobs, books, bras, brunswick stew, cameras, cemeteries, centaurs, charles bukowski, cheap beer, cheap wine, cigarettes, classic cars, classic country, classic rock, coffee, comfort food, coors light, corn dogs, cornbread, crafting, cross stitch, cut off shorts, death metal, devil horns, dive bars, diy, dolly parton, doom metal, dragons, drinking, drinking songs, eagles, film, folk punk, foxes, fried foods, gardening, genealogy, georgia, getting rowdy, ghetto cowboys, gone with the wind, grandparents, grits, guilty pleasures, hair metal, hand-me-downs, harry potter, hawks, heavy metal, hee haw, heirlooms, horses, hot rods, infp, lawn gnomes, lions, literature, loretta lynn, marlboro reds, mint juleps, mopeds, motorcycle jackets, motown, mullets, muscle cars, nikon, no. 27's, outlaw country, owls, pabst blue ribbon, painting, papier-mâché, pecan pie, photography, piercings, power metal, psychobilly, punk, rednecks, rhett butler, rockabilly, ronald reagan, roseanne, scarlett o'hara, sewing, skynyrd, sludge metal, southern hospitality, southern pride, southern rock, speed metal, stitching, stoner metal, sweet tea, tammy wynette, tattoos, taxidermy, ted nugent, the south, thrash metal, tigers, traveling, unicorns, viking metal, vintage, volkswagens, waffle house, westerns, whales, white trash, wine, wolves, words, writing